Still no deal for classic license owners?

What’s the deal with the alleged special path to subscription for long time classic license holders? I’m getting more involved in VR and AR and while initially, I remember the discussion around differences between the paid licenses only involving level of detail for a satellite image or some such thing while geolocating, I was pretty darn annoyed at the VR Viewer not being included for classic license holders. Not sure what crazy reason that one involved, but every long time classic license holder feels like it’s going to be death by a thousand cuts over time and early on we were asked to be soothed by a described path to move from classic to subscription. I haven’t heard of one, I was told to inquire about it via email or some such thing and I think I was offered a one time $50 discount or something. I’m paying $120 a year now and the new subscription is $300. A paid classic license is currently $695, which would cover over 2 years of subscription. Why not offer at least that difference over a limited time frame? $132 off for 3 years seems fair and it’s still an increase in what classic license holders are paying. We would pay $167 a year for 3 years then the full $299 a year thereafter and we wouldn’t feel so screwed anymore. I’d rather pay $210 indefinitely, which seems fair as an earlier paid backer, but I know Trimble won’t go for that. I’m just annoyed that I haven’t heard anything more about Trimble meeting us halfway. Why the hate for people who paid hundreds of dollars for SketchUp when the only difference was solid tools and dynamic components? I like SketchUp, this is literally the only reason why I’m annoyed and would love to see a SketchUp competitor enter the arena and I’d take the time and effort to learn and try new software due primarily to this stupid annoyance. I paid when I got so little out of it and now I feel like a second class citizen, what’s hard to understand about that? When competition pops up it’ll be too late. If that’s when I hear about an available deal, I’ll leave even faster, because it’ll be clearer then that it was always possible, it’s just that Trimble didn’t think we were worth it until we could easily leave.