Classic vs Subscription license

When is a Pro license, not a Pro license? After the much awaited and gratefully received SketchUp 2019, the forums quickly were awash with comment by those of us that were on the ‘Classic’ Pro license noticing that there were features in the latest Pro release, reserved for SketchUps newest paying customers on the Subscription model.
Indeed one of the SketchUp team even went as far as to call the ‘Subscription license holders’, those paying more for the ability to access the latest version of the program each year than those of us that purchased SketchUp pro way back when and then entered into and kept up to date the maintenance subscription, as being their most loyal customers. This, rightly so, raised the ire of many long term paid-up customers that have supported and promoted SketchUp through thick and thin.
We were told in one of the reply’s that the reason ‘Classic’ license holders couldn’t access these features is because there was no way of knowing when their maintenance plan expired despite the fact we all start to receive ‘reminders’ of the impending expiration a couple of months out and are urged to make sure we don’t let it lapse by paying on our due date, courteously supplied so we don’t have to look it up ourselves.
This post essentially asks for two things. Any classic license (maintenance paid up) users out there that think they too, should be counted as among SketchUps most loyal customers and are displeased at finding out their Pro license is now ‘Pro light’, please add comment or weight to this post.
The second is for an adequate response from our dear partners at SketchUp HQ. Guys - we are feeling that little bit less loved atm. We are all adults and realize that our $120 maintenance fee (+ purchase price) is less than you will make with the $299 from those on the subscription model, but browse the forums and help topics to see all the guys that have helped make your company and ideed the community what it is today and I think you will find some ‘very loyal’ folk indeed.

Looking forward to your response. C


Perhaps over the long term, but not at first. It would take years for a subscription payer to catch up to the classic subscriber in money going to SketchUp, if I’ve done my math even remotely right (slim chance.) In my mind, a classic subscriber is every bit as much a loyal customer as there could possible be.

Around about 4 years then the Classic guys are in front. ($695 + 120 x 3 = $1055) vs Subscription (4 x $299 = 1196). Big difference being - we classic license holders still have a piece of software that works. Stop with the subscription. Therein ends your SketchUp. As for loyalty though - this is entirely my point - We Classic license users with maintenance and support are about as loyal as they come.

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I’m so loyal that i’m paying maintenance on about 8 Pro licenses that my team aren’t even using right now…I’m just paying the fee that to keep the Classic licenses “alive” in case I grow my team.