2019 Subscription Price for Sketchup Classic owners. Clarification requested

Hello All.
Im Curious if there will be some sort of consideration for folks that have a “Classic” Pro licence to purchase the subscription, and how that works exactly.
I renewed around November 2018 for the 2019 version. So if I purchase the subscription it seems I am paying $300 for added viewer compatibility and Trimble connect. I’ve already payed for the 2019 version. Paying twice right?
I am also concerned that if I move to the subscription model and decide down the road to use other viewers but still use SketchUp, That I won’t own the version I’m currently using. Be it 2019,2020 or whatever. Would I have to pay the $695 or whatever the cost might be at that time to own that version. Again paying twice right?

Thanks for clarification if available.
I believe I saw in one of the threads something similar to this question but i do not see it now.

While they mentioned a (possibly) forthcoming “Customer Loyalty Program”, no details have, as yet, to my knowledge, been disseminated.

As an exiting paid used of what is now “Classic”, you have the right to use the 2019 downloaded apps (SketchUp, Layout, and Style Builder) for as long as you have hardware that works with it.

For $120/year (current price), you can purchase “Maintenance and Support” which will entitle you to all upgrades (if any) to those downloadable apps for 1 year.

Instead of the $299/year for the Subscription package “SketchUp Pro”, you can (I think) add a subscription to “SketchUp Shop” for $119/year.

As far as I can tell, this combination totaling $239/year gives you every feature that you would have if you chose the “SketchUp Pro” subscription package AND you have a downloaded version that will work in perpetuity (actually, as long as your hardware holds up).

I started a thread about this:

Thanks for the response.
Shop does not support " XR Headset Viewing_ Vive, Oculus, Hololens, WMR "
So I would need to use something else in addition. I currently use Enscape. and am learning Unreal Studio . ( Which is Amazing ) I most likely will keep both in my workflow. So I guess it greatly depends on how much I end up using Trimble’s solutions for VR and AR. Which admittedly I have not tried yet. and most likely will not until end of march due to a back yard project that is taking all slotted time until completion.
Thanks again for the input. Curious what Trimble will end up doing.

I thought there was a feature that I forgot! And I did try to confirm this at www.sketchup.com yesterday when I originally posted, but I experienced problems on the site and couldn’t get to the feature comparison, so I relied on my memory.

If there is a separate subscription based price only for the “XR Headset Viewing …” than my cost/benefit calculation could be updated. I don’t recall seeing any discussion on this forum on that, nor does it interest me enough to look!

No Worries.
I don’t mind waiting for Trimble to put some actual info out. Just haven’t seen anything yet. And there are other good options for VR/AR right now.