Start with a dimension pre-calculated?

After time spent looking, I want to start a project with pre-calculated dimensions. What I am (new to SU) finding, is I draw a bow, and only then can I ask for a measure or dimensions. That’s a waste of time, (again new to SU). I want to start with the dimensions that I know I need for a box. Any guidance?

Are you not entering the dimensions of the box when you start to draw it?

You would start the Rectangle tool clicking at where you want the first corner, drag out in the desired direction and type the dimensions you want. There is no excess steps. Identify where, what direction, and the size. All three pieces of information are required to draw the rectangle.

Sounds simple, but when I click and drag, I cannot release the moving size of the box until I hit enter, which fixes the dimension, close to where I want, but when I try typing in the lower right dimension box, nothing happens.

I think I got it, I’ll kep trying, and thank you Dave

Sounds like you are not doing things correctly. Click and release to set the first corner of the rectangle, move the mouse in the general direction of the opposite corner. Let go of the mouse. DO NOT CLICK in the measurements box. You type the dimensions and hit Enter.

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Is there a tool for typing in exact center of two parallel lines? When I use Tape Measure I can’t physically manipulate mouse to exact center.

Can you share an example SKP file that illustrates what you are trying to do?

draw 2 edges move a copy of one over the second and type /2…


BTW, an overlooked feature is that you can draw a line, rectangle, whatever and then type numbers for the dimension and hit enter and it will change what you just drew to what you just typed. It’s the only saving grace of the system when using a Wacom tablet.

DOn’t know if I can. I am not just new to SKP, I’m new to design altogether. But I can try to explain or later I can try to add a file.

If I have created a rectangle, 4 sides, and want to have a tool auto-locate the dead center of two sides, say the top and the bottom, is there a tool for that? I am finding it very difficult trying to manipulate my mouse to an exact center point between the lines.

Example; top line is 24" front to back (or left to right). I want to not draw, but ask a tool to show me in easy to see mark, where center point, or any typed in dimension where that is.

Inferencing will show you where the midpopint of an edge is. Get the Line tool, for example and hover along the edge. Move the cursor until you get the cyan midpoint indicator.

Yes thank you. I may be at that progress now. However I also want to notate and fix that centerpoint, so I can come back and draw another line based on that last calculation to then add another part of the design, in this case a post or handle on the inside of the box. Find_Centerpoint.skp (17.0 KB)

I don’t see how to add an attachment

It looks like you’ve added a guide point. Won’t that do?

You can always add whatever geometry or guides you want but you should learn about inferencing. It’s very powerful. For example, you can find the center of the face using only inferencing. In this caseI hovered for 2 seconds on the midpoint of the vertical edge, then two seconds on the midpoint of the bottom edge. Then I moved the cursor up until I got the marks shown along both edges I clicked and released to set the end point of the new edge and pulled it out in the red direction.

What are you actually trying to model?

Well, you added one.

Oh so the “upload” button did act as an attachment after all. I couldn’t see it right away.

Inferencing is a new term to me. I am guessing that means hovering with data showing?

If so, it still does not leave the center point so should I sign off and get back to it later, to consider that another step in my progress. This means that I am doing similar things over and over, seemingly unnecessarily. I think if I am understanding you correctly, this might not be the tool for me. What I tried to accomplish above was to place a marker, the center of two dissecting lines to later place a knob or handle. Yet when I go back its not there.

I hope I’ve done an adequate job of explaining. And thanks again for your help.

I think you’re missing some things and maybe getting ahead of yourself.

You can make a mark to indicate a center but probably most of the time you won’t need it due to Inferencing. You can find the center or other key points without having to add lines to identify them.

I did not do a god job of explaining.
When I find the center, I want to permanently mark it, not have to re-find it again the next time i re-open the file. That’s another step done. Is that not possible?

Sure. It’s possible if you really feel the need. You did it one way on one side of the box you drew. I guess in over 15 years of using SketchUp, I’ve never had a need to do that but it can certainly be done.

Thanks Dave, but if it doesn’t fit your needs, it does mine. That’s why I asked if it can be done, because that’s how I feel it would make things easier for me.

I don’t spend all day with this as a job, I am merely trying to learn this to see if I want to continue with it. So perhaps I can save you time, if you’ll suggest some primers, or tutes on this?
Thanks again

As I said, you can add whatever you feel you need to identify the centers.

I don’t either.

Start with the Get Started videos at The user interface is based on the desktop version but the modeling activity is exactly the same in both versions.