Start Minimized?


Just wondering if there is some technical limitation that prevents SketchUp from starting minimized? Windows allows the user to select if they want a program to run “Normal”, “Maximized”, or “Minimized” but SketchUp does not respect it. In addition, version 2017 seems to repeatedly force itself to the front on startup.

For example, I start SketchUp by clicking a .skp file. While SketchUp is starting which can take a good amount of time on larger files, I’d like to Alt-tab to a .pdf file for review while SketchUp starts. SketchUp repeatedly puts itself on top during startup which is quite annoying and distracting.

(This FR stolen from the most liked 2017 Wishlist by kimi kimi)

Start Minimized Shows Empty Tray

I know it reveals itself once it finishes loading, but I don’t really experience SketchUp repeatedly putting itself on top.

Or…maybe just because I am staring at the other monitor with the document open. :grin:


+1 vote from me.

(It has always done this, and is very annoying.)


I started to notice this as it was mentioned…

Therefore, It is now [quote=“jim_foltz, post:1, topic:34987”]
quite annoying and distracting

for me as well.

Funny how you don’t notice things until it is mentioned…:sweat_smile:


Im my case, I am usually re-starting SketchUp to test an extension and like to switch back to the code editor for review while SketchUp starts.


This annoys me really much too! It can take several seconds to open SketchUp. Tens of seconds with a large model. I often want to check my mail, write code or work on another model in the meantime but SketchUp forces focus to itself at least 3 times during launch.