What The Focus

As far back as I can remember, SketchUp—while it loads into memory from a cold start—insists on forcing its way to the top of the window stack, continuously stealing focus away from other applications, ensuring that I have no choice but to wait until it loads before I do anything else. I really wish they would address this. (And a hundred other little things)

What version of SketchUp are you using? On which operating system? Please complete your profile.

I’m using SketchUp 2020. I can start it and then revert to my browser and SketchUp opens behind the browser window.

I see the same thing as the OP.

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Are you on a Mac? I see the same thing…

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Agree very annoying.


Windows 10. All versions.

I’ve noticed this too, it seems to be a regression but I’m not sure which version it came back in.
Normally I open SU on a second monitor so I hadn’t been aware of it, but a few times lately I’ve had FF open on the same screen and it keeps overriding it like it used to do.

Edit: Now having said that I just opened SU behind this window without an issue. So there must be third common denominator.