Window priority hogging?

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New to the forum, and not particularly sure of the terminology (I haven’t yet found any similar posts) so please excuse me if this is already known!

When opening sketchup, a file may take 15-30 seconds to fully open (which is fine for some of the large files I have), during this time, I might wish to open other programmes, move windows around, or do something in a different programme. However, during opening, the sketchup window pops in front of all windows around 3 times, even if I click away, or to a different window.

An example run through:
double click skp file

  • click on chrome to google something
  • sketchup jumps in front (as expected for the first time something opens)
  • click back to chrome, continue typing
  • sketchup jumps in front
  • click back to something
  • sketchup jumps in front
  • i give in, and wait.

I know it’s a particularly small issue (given the amount of time), but I do find it oddly disruptive when no other programme I use has similar behaviour…

I hope this is resolvable!


A lot of this time has to do with verifying and loading extensions along with their UI additions (toolbars and menus.) Then all the inspector windows or trays need to be restored to their previous states and loaded of their content.

Divergent thoughts for a moment:

IMO, SketchUp is just too complex of an application to be started by double-clicking files. I start it from a pinned taskbar icon (shortcut,) and open files from the File open panel (or the recnet model list at the bottom of the File menu.)

Yes, this way was cumbersome using Microsoft’s old v5 common dialogs file open panel, … BUT,…

It’s is much better now with SketchUp v16+, because the File open panel uses the MS v6 common file dialog, which is actually the normal Windows file explorer with a select file control strip added along the bottom. We now can use the normal navigation pane, the details pane, and have a huge preview pane.

There is just no difference at all from the main explorer, … so no better reason to launch SketchUp from an external file click.

Ok, back to the topic at hand,…

I just tested setting the SketchUp shortcut’s Properties to run in “Minimized” window, but apparently SketchUp does not honor this setting, or check for it. I don’t know why.
It would be nice if it did, no doubt.

I have done the same things you describe. Usually opening some reference page to the SketchUp API in Chrome, and trying to start my Notepad++ code editor. And yes, SketchUp keeps stealing the focus.

+1 on this old thread. I hope it stays open.

I’m surprised I don’t see more people complaining about this negative feature of loading up Sketchup. I do have a lot of extensions to load up (please don’t tell me to not have so many extensions open - that won’t go down well) and it’s pretty infuriating to have to not do anything for a bit, disrupting my workflow, so Sketchup can take over my PC. There are plenty of other programs which are as complex. I don’t understand why this has been allowed to continue being a thing.

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This drives me insane! If I were product manager fixing this would have a higher priority than e.g. … whatever new fancy features SU 2018 had. I can’t even remember them on the top of my head.

Edit: Section fills! I understand having a fancy new features can be better for new sales but getting the program to work more smoothly is probably the most appreciated by existing users.


This originates from two sources:

  • In the origins of window-based UIs, security and application permissions did not play an important role. Applications were (are still) run without confinement and have access to window management methods that can easily be used for malicious purposes (like putting themselves in front of other windows, querying other apps’ window dimensions and names etc.).

    In modern systems (depending on the level of confinement), an app only knows relative coordinates of its window (like [0,0]). Only the user and the system would be allowed to reposition windows on the desktop. For example, once an application has finished loading (possibly now covered by another window), the user is notified, and after clicking the notification, the system puts the app into foreground.

  • Timers and other programming habits. In case you are unsure whether your application’s window is still in the forground, you just raise it again to the front. And maybe after a second again. (The root can also be in a dependency or a framework.)

Imagine typing a password and another application decides it must gain focus exactly now.

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We don’t have to imagine it, that is what happens.


Your description of why is somewhat beyond me, apart from the last sentence. You may well be correct in why it’s happened though :wink:

I would like to know however, if it can be fixed so it doesn’t demand total priority over everything. Luckily, as a user for years and years I know not to even bother trying to input a password for another program whilst Sketchup is loading…

And perhaps a lot of SketchUp Team members using Mac…
I just opened the macbook from my daughter where I had made an account, logged in and SU was still open after more then three weeks not touching the laptop…

Yes, Macs are a whole different kettle of fish…

I’d like to change the title to add (PC), but it’s not my thread to change

It’s ok as it is.

Almost all computers apart from smartphones are PCs. Apart from that this issue generally applies to classic, unconfined window management on Windows, macOS and other systems, even if you have observed it in SketchUp only on Windows.

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