Stair base-rail help


Morning all.

I’ve been trying without success to form a 6mm radius on the two outside edges of this awkward shaped stair base rail. Base rail help.skp (163.7 KB) I’ve included in the file the adjacent base rail that I’ve managed to do to show what i mean.

Would one of you guys be kind enough to show me the process of forming the detail I need.

Many thanks.



Like this?
Base rail help.skp (180.1 KB)


Thats it @DaveR. What was the process? I have drawn all the other parts with a 3mm radius so ill need to change one or the other. My mistake.

And thank you for your time.


Well, it can be done manually with Push/Pull but in this case, I just let Fredo’s Round Corner extension do the heavy lifting. :wink:


Thanks again pal. It seems the Fredo plugins are pretty useful. Ill take a look at these.


Indeed they are! Make sure you read the descriptions and install the LibFredo6 6.9 files as most of his extensions are dependent on that package.