Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils

[added] My original post was a potato masher which I titled: “Stainless Steel Whisk”. After it was pointed out to me that it was not a whisk, but in fact, a potato masher, I changed the title appropriately. I’ve since modeled a whisk and added it to this collection of utensils** along with a hybrid formed from the potato masher and the whisk. A Whisker. perhaps? Or a Mashisk?

** Coincidentally, I happen to be reading “The Emerald City of Oz” in which Dorothy and Toto are captured by the Spoon Brigade deep in the forest of Utensia (which is ruled by King Cleaver). While there is no whisk appearing in the plot, There’s this snippet:

"Tell me, please, what IS our business?" inquired a potato-masher, winking at Dorothy somewhat impertinently. "I'm fond of little girls myself, and it seems to me she has as much right to wander the forest as we have."


Nice potato masher. :slight_smile:

LoL … my wife has always called it a whisk. I never really thought about it. I changed the name to be more appropriate :wink:

Your wife can use hers as she see fit. :smiley: I use ours on potatoes, my grandmother used hers on my uncle when he was a boy. Hers had a longer wood handle, though. :smiley:

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A whisk! Really?

But then who am I to talk, I was in my 30s before I found out it was only my family that called Kitchen Tongs, Clackers.

Clackers? I’ll have to remember that! I love to confuse my friends by using regional vocabulary their unfamiliar with!

What would your family call one of these silicone-tipped tongs? They don’t clack.


When I was a teenager, we had a toy called “clackers” (until they were banned because they sometimes shattered and sent plastic shards into your eyes).


I remember them!! I almost knocked myself out with them a few times. We would swing them around like Chinese num-chuks un-til you "clacked " the back of your head real good!!

I got those clackers too from a visit to the state fair. I remember the eventually ban on that toy…

I just recently got one of those potato mashers pictured above too.

I believe potato masher is the proper term, but I have heard that, if you heat it over a cooktop, it can be used to brand younger siblings… that’s what I’ve heard…

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[I changed the title to be a catch-all for stainless steel utensils as well as inserting more in the first post]

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Stainless Steel Clackers


Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer


More commonly known as the Chook Thwacker.

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Stainless Steel Reality

The virtual world always seems to look so much happier and shiny :wink:

Stainless Steel Table Knife (w/Gold Handle and Copper Ferrule)


Wow! Those are some amazing 3D models! Here’s a little constructive criticism. I’m sure you already know, but rendering them in a room might make the reflections look more realistic because it’d give the metal something to reflect. Also, I think it’d help to use a more detailed metal texture and a bump map.

I’m pretty much a novice when it comes to rendering. Many of my models are rendered on our teak dining table on the patio (hence the sunlight). From time to time, I try to spend a little more effort to make them look more photo-realistic. For example, here’s a thread where I have the same issue and spent some extra time with the lighting and environment:

My favorite:

The stock textures I use tend to look pretty fake. I’ll take a look at trying some others. Thanks :slight_smile:

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