Stage Template?



I was just wondering whether anyone has or knows where to find a template of a stage with raised seating, like the image below?
I’m trying to design a set for a theatre like this.



So what you really want is a component or components, not a template. Did you try searching the 3D Warehouse?


Yeah, or get a template of a room like this.

I tried searching the Warehouse but I could only find proscenium arch theatres.


What did you use for search terms? Did you try “theatre seating”, “theater seats”, “cinema seating”?

I suppose you could find plan view images of seating and import them to aid in laying out the seating.


If you are designing for that particular venue, you need to get its dimensions from somewhere, and probably draw it, unless the venue operator already has at least a plan, if not a 3D drawing.

There’s no such thing as a generic ‘template’ for a stage - they are all slightly different.

Once you have the basic dimensions, it isn’t difficult to draw the stage area, add the stairs, and the chair platforms and chairs.

Then you will be ready to design the set.


Building off of John’s reply. Once you’ve created your theater and before you’ve started designing and drawing a set, save that theater set up as your own Sketchup template. Then you can reuse it over and over again to design different sets without having to redraw the whole theater again.


Good point. And, I’d add, when you start a new set design, make sure you LOCK the venue drawing - it’s very easy easy to move part of the fixtures by mistake if you don’t.


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