How to make a template from a 3D rendering

Hello, I have drawn a pedestal in sketchup pro that will be going into production. I have been asked to provide a 2D representation so that a template can be made, and if I could output them to actual size so that they do not have to scale them back up?

I could really use some help on this? :):slight_smile:

Thank you!!


Start with a 2D view of the thing. Parallel Projection, Standard Front view, Hidden Line. Make a scene of that setup. Send the file to LayOut, set the paper size so it is large enough for the whole thing to be displayed at full size. Select the viewport and set the scale to 1:1. If needed, drag the edges of the viewport to show the whole thing.

What format do they want the pattern in? PDF? DXF?


WOW! Thanks Dave, this will really help!! I just asked them what type of file they want? I will get back to you ASAP! Being able to do this will be great as will really help the builders!!

Thanks again!!


When I send to layout Dave what template do i choose? that will work best?

Thank you!


I would just start with one of the plain paper ones. I used one with the grid displayed. It wonโ€™t make much difference because the first thing youโ€™ll do is go to File>Document Setup>Paper and choose a paper size that will fit the full size view of the part. I only eyeballed your column and guessed at its size. I selected Arch B (12" x 18").