Using SketchUp for Theatrical Set Design

I realize this is likely a fairly common use for SketchUp, but I am pretty much a novice (I’ve used it several times, but never been very proficient). I’ve started with a template that supposedly accomodates such an endeavor.

What I’d like to find is a sort of “empty stage” model, already populated with proscenium, height, depth and width, offstage areas left and right. That I could then modify parametrically to fit my particular stages.

Any suggestions?

I mainly design for two venues at our local amateur theatre, so not for a wide range of settings. But I think that theatres differ so much not only in plan, but in vertical and horizontal sight lines that it’s unlikely you will be able to use a parametric approach.

It shouldn’t take you long to draw a few custom ‘boxes’ for the spaces you mention. But unless you are designing with one or a few particular stages in mind, I think each will need some adaptation of the set to make it work well.

Where did you find this template, might I ask? Sounds interesting, and I’m wondering what is in it. Could you upload a copy to this forum, if it isn’t proprietary?

Interior and Production Design (inches) “This template is for Kitchen, Bath
and Entertainment Industry professionals” An interesting Venn diagram😬
A standard template.
Doesn’t contain anything. You just see the blank canvas
Not sure what special characteristics is has for this purpose

thanks for the clarification. It just sets the measurement units, then, and a few styles I guess. Thought it might be something not part of standard SU.

You are referring to the standard templates in Sketchup which come in blank, except for the SketchUp team member or the box of the 3D-printer. You can set up your own template, though, which could contain stage-elements, lamps etc. Setting up different templates for different theaters is the way to go. You can design your decor in one theatre , copy the decor and paste it in another theatre-template to see what alterations you would have to make.
Might be that your theater already has a SketchUp model and you could ask them if you could use it to make specific templates for each theatre.

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