Spot the extension game

In these two screenshots you will see that many extension tool icons are smaller in the 2020 image than in the 2019 image. To test what is wrong I need to know what the extension is called. Can any of you recognize the extensions being used, that do have smaller icons in 2020? Bonus points if it’s a free extension!

Surely one for @mihai.s. He knows all the chords…sorry, extensions. (Spot the song).

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My Mirror tool jumps out ! however, its PNG toolbar button icon is the right size in my Win10 v2020 ??
It only has one PNG for its buttons big or small @ 24x24px
Looking at some more… there’s the SketchUcation Toolbar, my Rotate Plan View and all of the buttons in my Extrude Tools Toolbar too…
Also Fredo’s toolbars are FUBAR, as are thomthom’s solid-inspector² and Chris Fullmer’s tools, including shape_bender ?

So to recap - all of my setup’s icons are OK… So what’s up with your system ?

I use that one and it looks OK in my Mac version of 2020.

The screenshot is from a customer, but I’m able to reproduce the symptom with 1001bit Tools.

I’m trying to find a free extension, preferably in Extension Warehouse, that I can use as an example when I log a bug report.

All of the ones I’ve tried to install come out ok, including CLF Shape Bender. I will try setting the individual app to a different scaling value, and see if that then breaks PNGs.

Ok, setting the compatibility, HiDPI setting, to System (Enhanced) instead of Application, gives bigger icons for PNG based extensions.

Would you all think that this is a bug in SketchUp? Should PNGs scale to the same size as SVG without the user having to mess with the compatibility settings?

I remember fiddling with png’s for this reason, a few versions ago, and doubled their sizes in the plugin folder. You might wanna check the original installer files, a lot of times they are just copied over to the next version.
Not sure what it is called, but a user should not have to deal with these issues, IMO

Guitar George, of course.

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Churlish of me to say so but that’s not technically the name of the song. Right character!

Now I know you’re not 17.

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He’s strictly rhythm, doesn’t want to make it cry or sing.

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You too, Steve, fall into sad old git territory!

What, you want me to name the song? That would truly be dire!

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'S a straight question.

OK, Sultans of Swing

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Darn and blast. You’ve given the game away now!

Had to come in out of the rain.

Who wouldn’t? The YouTube video is from the year I started at the job that I half-retired from last summer.

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