Spiral stair

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried to build this spiral stair and using followfy plugin and truebend as well, but so far I have the same issue that the upper part of railing and the vertical part are not the same width. How to make them equally? Appreciate any help and suggestion

Thank you

Without a model to comment on… Assuming that the ‘wood’ part is separate - draw some guidelines from, the three edges near the white part, these will give you the edges of the 'wood’s to edge.
You could copy Move+Ctrl the three white edges perpendicularly to their plane and use those to for you guideline locations.

If you won’t give a more detailed description and share a partial model of the problem we can only guess…

With CLF Shape Bender extension

Sorry to forgot sharing the model. Please see model

spiral stair.skp (6.9 MB)

I’ve already shown you how to create that stair using Shape Bender. You will get a clean model with the two parts of the railing with the same width, as you want.

Beveling edges after creating the stair with Shape Bender

your model

Thank you