Speech Recognition

Hopped over from one CAD program while I had my headset on that I use to partially control the other drafting system. Comfortable headset and still in the Windows Speech Recognition mode/listening when I decided to give a command for a rectangle…which appeared on the blank screen. I was able to get the program to pull the rectangle up; modify each side with something a little different by insetting a box or canting/curving a filet.

The commands were working…about 50% of the time which is most likely my commands that confused SU while in a tool or view mode.

Is there a voice recognition product that SU prefers in order to work correctly and accurately?

Or at the least…a list of voice commands and format for where to be in order to get the command to work.

Just curious. Would save a lot of scrolling and zooming back and forth across the screen.


Dan Turner
Conyers, Ga

There was something a while ago, but haven’t heard any of it.

Perhaps assigning shortcuts works better?
There would be less confusion.

That’s pretty much what Windows Speech Recognition kept saying…“speak up!!”

That makes the SECOND April Fools YouTube that I’ve run into today!<G

Dan T

This is how I use my sketchup today… no mouse, no (need for a) keyboard… with just a microphone and a PS-move controller…