Specific Flip tool keystrokes not working

I’ve long been using keystrokes for flip commands, and now with the new GUI for flipping components, groups, and selections, I can’t get a keystroke to work for the command. Is anyone else having this issue?

Usually I use Ctrl+Left to flip along the red/x axis for example. This is much faster for me to activate than looking for GUI buttons and interactive planes to click on… It’s great that I don’t have to make separate keystrokes for the various object types anymore, but the latest update is not letting me do this pretty basic thing.

There have already been some reports of certain keyboard shortcuts not functioning with the latest release. The developers are aware of it and working on a solution.

FWIW, I use F2, F3, and F4 as keyboard shortcuts for Flip Along. I find single keys easier and they aren’t normally used for anything else in SketchUp.

This issue seems to have been resolved in 2024. Huzzah!

Do you mean the use of the Ctrl+cursor keys?

Yup. My familiar use of Ctrl+arrow keys has returned and works fine.

So far none of the other keystrokes I use have run into errors, so maybe they’ve fixed whatever got in the way of the flip tool keystroke working.

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