Spacemouse wasted?

Have I just wasted $500 or is this a scam/not compatible with SketchUp? (obvs the official SM will be more reliable)

Not enough information in the video.

Do you have the skills required to build a device like that and create the drivers?

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The drivers are listed.
Potentially, yes, also I have family who can build basically anything like that.

Do the drivers support SketchUp?

Well, you can try then. We’ll let you be the Guinea pig. You can report the results to us.

To be honest, what I see in that video looks like it would be a PIA to use. Or at least a pain in the hand. It’s not very nice ergonomically.


Empty pocket. I’ll let you guess why :'D

Yeah, I imagine I could 3d print a more ergonomic case maybe.

They seem to be replicated 3DC drivers so probably :slight_smile:

Not sure what your thinking but pretty sure 3D Space mouse is about 500 light years ahead of you.


I’d suggest starting a new topic.
I was on a low budget from the start when I decided I didn’t want the SpaceMouse. I originally wanted the Pro but then something happened where I was able to get the Enterprise for the same price.
The SpaceMouse only has 2 buttons which for me I dont think would satisfy my workflow. It completely depends on you.

2 buttons can activate 16 commands through radial on screen menus. I use them extensively and don’t have to look away from the screen.

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If budget is your issue, I think you’d do a lot better by waiting for a good deal to come along on the second-hand market. I see them all the time, particularly if you’re willing to rub-off the strange sticky-rubber that occurs with many 3D Space mice.

They should cost a lot less, particularly if you factor-in your time. Plus, the entire point of a 3D mouse is to be more efficient. Going with something so basic doesn’t look like it’s a tremendous efficiency booster. I could be wrong, just my first impression as a Space Mouse user :slight_smile:


This does seem to have some of the functionality that the spacemouse has. But the handling and the responsiveness of the spacemouse is way different. Arguably, that’s part of what you’re paying for. You can build a box with wheels, but it’s not going to win car of the year. Some people prefer the box with wheels.

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