SpaceMouse Enterprise...? [UPDATE: 09/07/21: Done]

I’ve been saving up for a SM Pro for a while - and the 3D Connexion site is down. Anyone know where one can get one elsewhere? (authorized/trustworthy)

Amazon says it’s for Linux, but that’s just a box Amazon wants to fill. Whoever you buy it from, you’ll need to download the drivers from the 3D Connexion site when it’s back up.

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Try clicking the Buy tab.


Update it is back, clicked through till I reached checkout.

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Out of interest how does anyone with keys on the Pro configure it?

I have an ancient Spacemouse with the two buttons but to be honest with myself I only use it when I get into awkward situations and when presenting to clients (turn Z off and set eye height to smoothly walk around)

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For mine I go into the buttons menu then select Macros and follow where it goes.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I get:

Oh well, I’ll just wait.

Thanks to everyone who chipped in :blush:

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Just now:


Amazon UK

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Thanks Dezmo. But it’s cheaper on 3dconnexion official (or it was before the site went down :P)

£268 3DC
€299 3DC IE
£310 Amazon

3DC IE price is 299 euro + VAT …?

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Yup that’s right… I think

Comes to £304 w/vat

All because of bendy bananas

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(I bet everyone’s getting bored now. Shall I keep updating?)

  • Yeah!
  • I don’t care.
  • No!

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I’ve found the SpaceMouse at another online shop. It’s not cheaper, but I have family members who conveniently work there! So it will end up being cheaper overall. I’ve emailed them today asking about warranty from third parties, but, well, Sundays. :roll_eyes:

I ordered SpaceMouse Wireless from Amazon for $169 and I should have it soon. I hope I will not face any problems with it.

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What? The UK left the EU six months ago and there was a heck of a lot of warning in advance. How long does a company need to get compliant? They can’t value their UK customer base much if they are this laid back about it!

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So she’s emailed me back. Ignored my question about third parties.