Spacemouse Buttons Not Working

All of a sudden my Spacemouse buttons don’t work in SU 2024 Pro. Anyone else having this problem or know of a solution?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I have the latests driver.

They were working but now are not?

Uninstalled and reinstalled what?

Your profile says you are using both Windows and Mac. Is this happening on both?

Have you tried a cold reboot of the computer?

Correct, were working, but not now.

Sorry. I have uninstalled the Spacemouse sorftware and reinstalled. this is happening only on my PC version.

Yes, I have rebooted, but this didn’t help.

Have you replaced/recharged the battery?

No, not lately. The battery is at have charge. Do you suggest I recharge it?

It wouldn’t hurt. It looks less than half based on the indicator shown in your screenshot.

The screenshot is a little misleading. I’ll give it a full charge and get back to you.

Unplug the dongle and reseat it.

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That is a great tip and I do it pretty often, and it DOES fix issues, but didn’t work this time.