Sorting materials

In the Materials tab all materials In Model are sorted alphabetically. On the other hand, when I select a painted face or group, in the Entity Info > Choose Paint, materials are sorted by the time there were added to the model (newer-older). This is inconsistent.
My suggestion is to introduce two sorting methods for both Materials tab and Entity Info - either sort by name (alphabetically) or by the time of creation (newest-oldest).
I don’t think it would be difficult to implement and this would tremendously help to manage materials when there are lots of them in the model.
If anyone wants to tell me that I can use the Materials tab and paint bucket instead of Entity Info - please don’t, because only Entity Info lets me change material without messing with UV map.

Maybe there could be even more robust sorting methods implemented, like: sort by averaged H/ S/ V values. It’s a dream of the severed head, I know. Just throwing ideas.

Alternatively, there could be a search option in both material “browsers” (again, I mean the Material tab and the Entity Info) but I think that these two sorting options would do the job.

Until this implemented to SU…You can check this:
Sketchucation pluginstore: Material_browser

Ok, but will it replace the functionality of the material picker in Entity Info? Because if I pick a material using this plugin I guess I will still have to use Paint Bucket tool to paint that material over faces, which will destroy my UVs.
This will surely help is some situations but not all.