Random Suggestion: Under In Model for Materials, Sort Materials into Sub-Folders

Just a random thought that came to mind… when I import multiple models into a single project, all the materials and textures listed under In Model in the Materials tray are kind of just dumped together in a single place; sorted alphabetically, sure, but if I want to select a specific material, for a specific model, I have to scan the list to find it.

Which makes sense, it’s all the materials showing in the model as a whole, so that’s where it should be.

What if it were possible to create sub-folders within “In Model” that visibly displays materials that can be expanded and collapsed, for neater organization and quicker access to the specific materials you want access to?

Probably subverted by the ink drop function since you’d be able to go in and just ink drop a material to get what you want, but what if it’s an obscure material or the project has so many components, you can’t readily do that without a lot of footwork?

Also, kind of doesn’t make sense when you already have a dropdown of selectable folders for materials and can just save and load collections… but I feel this would be a faster, more informal method for when you’re not needing to use the create/save/open collection options, while preventing the accidental duplication of a material.

Purely an OCD/QOL suggestion. Materials not sorted into sub-folders would display normally, with sub-folders displaying beneath those unsorted materials. Material sorting could be done manually, or when a model is imported in, it could automatically create a sub-folder generated from the file name and materials in the file.

If there are “same” materials between imported models they, by default, go into unsorted, or you can manually create a folder and sort them.

Also, an option to have “In Model” set as Default because I hate having to go to the dropdown and selecting it every time I load up an existing model :rofl:

Morning, half-asleep thoughts. :zzz:


I like it.

Yeah. It’s nice to be able to switch to In Model just by clicking the Home icon, but it would be even better if, as you say, In Model could be the default without having to do even that.