Materials Tray Folders & Filters

I think it would be really useful to have the ability to groups materials in folders, exactly the same way that we can now do with Tags. It would also be good if the list could somehow be filtered to include/exclude materials based on material name etc.

Usually I am very careful with the materials that I create, and especially bring into my scene from an external source, so they are kept to a minimum. However, a current project has meant that over 100 additional materials (Mainly from books on a book shelf) have been imported in and now it is a bit of a nightmare scrolling through the list to find the material I need.

Material Browser plugin could interest you. Filtering materials by name is possible with this plugin.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out.

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Have you been creating your materials library in folders similar to native materials folders ? That might help.

My normal textures are all categorised in a logical folder structure. However, on this occasion I have had to import an interior designer’s scene, which is the source of the deluge of new materials. The ultimate destination of the scene is Unreal Engine 4, so technically I could keep everything separate. Normally I would use referenced models created with my rendering software to keep the materials/textures used low in the SU scene, but that is not an option here.

I just thought being able to group materials into folders would be really useful, so I could better collate them, for example, all metal textures in the Metal folder. To be clear, I am suggesting this feature be added to the tray for materials contained within the current scene.