"Sorry, an address could not be found for this area."

With Add Location, I just zoom-up and grab the area but the error message says “Sorry, an address could not be found for this area.” , why?

I could grab the area when zoom-down the area, is there any limit to zoom-up ?

That’s a bug that appeared recently and @Barry has acknowledged that he has logged it.

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I don’t think this is new. In the Google terrain times, too, it failed if you tried to grab a too large area. I don’t know if “Too large” can be quantified.

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Correct, there is a specific z level camera height and area limit at Google and here. But there are two different things, so both @Box and @Anssi are or can be correct. If you in some place (usually an island or near water), you will get the Sorry message. Bug filed. The zoom up message would be different though: it would be a butter bar stating “This region is too large to capture. Please zoom in or search for a specific location.”

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