Geolocation Address Not Found

There are certain locations that cannot be grabbed by SU. The error message says;

“Sorry, an address could not be found for this location”

Can anyone make some sense out of this?

What is the address? Can you find the location by eye?

Yes, here’s an uploaded screen shot.Capture002

That screenshot doesn’t answer either of my questions.

I might not understand what you mean because I did not manually geolocate by address or coordinates. I used add location but could not grab.

The Earth a big place. From where on the planet are you trying to grab a location?

Ow I see what you mean. The location is on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (country).

It may be that Digital Globe doesn’t have any coverage there, yet.

You may need to be more specific as I have no trouble grabing a random section of Manus Island.
However, if you are trying to grab something restricted it may not be available.

2deg, 30min, 08sec S
147deg, 20min, 02sec E

an outer island south of mainland manus.

A conversion of that to SU geoloc lat and long format would be;

This is what I get when I enter that info:

Yes that’s exactly the loc. Did you succeed with the grab?

No, I can get there like @TheOnlyAaron , but the grab comes up with the address error.
It seems to be off their map.

Ah! One button push away from the issue! That’s weird! I have never seen that, before!

You can try manually geolocating it then add a screen grab from Google maps.
That might give you the correct orientation for shadows etc.

I agree. And that is my problem. I need that for a concept for seawall project proposal. Sea level rise is causing much damage.

I’ve tried manual geolocation. Still same problem.

Box, how do I go about screen grabbing from Google Map?

Find the exact location and do a screen grab.
Various ways of doing that.
Windows has a snipping tool, not sure where it is on Win 10, usually under accessories.
Or just on the keyboard, Print Scr key and then paste into an image editor.
Or most browsers have screen grab addons…