Something different with backups in 2019?


Does anyone know where the recovered files are on the Mac? Currently in 2019 I am having an issue where a “newer” recovered file is offered after a crash, but it usually is NOT newer and is offered on all subsequent crashes until you save as new file. To figure this out I need to be able to look at these recovered files beforehand.


On a Mac, its location varies depending on the user. It will be in a /var/folders path that includes SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles directory.


open it in Finder by pasting this in’ Ruby Console’…

folder = File.join( ENV["TMPDIR"], "com.sketchup.SketchUp.2019.#{ENV['USER']}/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles")
`open #{folder}`



Thanks John. That did get me to a folder called Recovered Files! Next I’ll look at it and try to figure out what use this new autosave method is. So far it seems not to work. (And by running that script it added a recovered file in the folder?)

So, If anyone will indulge me further. How does one start a thread on this forum, or is it locked?


in the according forum at upper right corner: [ + New Topic ]