Something different with backups in 2019?


Does anyone know where the recovered files are on the Mac? Currently in 2019 I am having an issue where a “newer” recovered file is offered after a crash, but it usually is NOT newer and is offered on all subsequent crashes until you save as new file. To figure this out I need to be able to look at these recovered files beforehand.

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On a Mac, its location varies depending on the user. It will be in a /var/folders path that includes SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles directory.



open it in Finder by pasting this in’ Ruby Console’…

folder = File.join( ENV["TMPDIR"], "com.sketchup.SketchUp.2019.#{ENV['USER']}/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles")
`open #{folder}`


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Thanks John. That did get me to a folder called Recovered Files! Next I’ll look at it and try to figure out what use this new autosave method is. So far it seems not to work. (And by running that script it added a recovered file in the folder?)

So, If anyone will indulge me further. How does one start a thread on this forum, or is it locked?



in the according forum at upper right corner: [ + New Topic ]



I cannot find the autosaved files on my Mac either. Nor can I find a recovered files folder (And why are we calling them “recovered files” now when the preferences options still calls it Auto-save?) I found this link and it has me even more confused SketchUp Pro 2019 = Let's talk about Saving.

I just messed up my model. In previous versions I could go to the backup (or was it autosave then?) made 5 minutes ago. If I recall correctly, this was stored in the same folder as the .skp file but with the ~.skp extension. I still have the ~.skp files, but they’re backups now (I think) since they are much older than 5 minutes. In previous versions the Autosaves were distinct because they had the prefix “Autosave” and only were created upon crashes.

I tried going to the welcome window and restoring the "most recent’ version, but that was about an hour old! Where did that come from–the ~.skp version? (Shame on SU for not putting a time stamp on the file in the welcome window). It’s also odd that there’s an Autosave folder in User/Library/Application support/Sketchup 2019/Sketchup/Autosave. But it’s empty. I’ve lost an hour of work, and another hour searching for where my every 5 minute auto-saves are. HELP! Something is nuts–is it me?



In a ‘normal’ situation, autosave_files are not saved, only when you have a ‘hanging’ SketchUp and you need to ‘Force Quit’ the apllication. Then, the file that resides in a temp folder in the system is saved with the prefix ‘Autosave_’

The ‘create backup’ option will only save to the same file ( the one with the ~) everytime you do a save. It will not create multiple versions (unless you have not installed it correctly)
This saving can be automated by enabling the autosave option, but it will not produce more files.
For that , use Trimble connect or ‘save as’ in the menu



Thanks for the reply, but this still doesn’t add up. So in order to get my auto-save that’s less than five minutes old, I have to force quit? I can’t just open the file from somewhere? In this SU post SketchUp Pro 2019 = Let’s talk about Saving it says you can access it from the Welcome to Sketchup Window, but when I tried that I got a version over an hour old! And where is this temp folder you mentioned? And why are they now talking about “recovery files” instead of auto-saves?



I think the locations and names are like this, but there are some oddities (these are Mac examples):

myfile.skp is where you saved it.

When you save your file, myfile~.skp is placed next to your file. That’s the backup file. I haven’t seen it appear on Windows yet, and sometimes not on Mac too.

~Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/Autosave is where the auto save, not very old file should go, but I haven’t seen one appear yet.

This is the folder John pointed to, and I think that’s where you would go to get a file after doing a force quit (the path would be different every time):




different for every user, but the same for every session [except for filename]…

there is only ever one per model…

the file name is identical to the current skp file name…

as far as I’m aware the Autosave folder is now redundant, but copied forward from a previous version instal…




Hope this isn’t redundant–I’m working this problem on a few different threads. I found the temp folder using Ruby (thank you) and it contained two files 3 minutes apart-- a .skp and ~.skp. But I’ve been working for over an hour today and those same two files haven’t changed or updated, so where are my current autosaves going? So I quit SU and reloaded. Now that same temp folder is empty. In previous versions of SU, I could see the ~.skp file update its timestamp after every autosave. I realized early on that the frequent pinwheeling I was getting was the 5 minute autosave, and I’d check my file folder and the ~.skp file timestamp had just updated. I realize that now the ~.skp file is the backup from the previous save–not the autosave. Still hunting for my autosaves since these bailed me out of many situations where I messed up a model, but could reload the ~.skp which was always less than 5 minutes old. Going nuts on this!



I have the same problem. My mac crashed completely, not just SU, so maybe it has different consequences. But I just lost a full afternoon of work. The files opened automatically when I started my mac again and it asked if I wanted to download an update. I clicked cancel (thought they were talking about a program update), should not have done that…

Is there a way to change the settings of the autosave and have a separate autosave-file, like it used to be?



Take a look at the SU2019 M1 release notes:

Fixed an issue where auto-save files did not persist on the Mac after a reboot or shutdown.

  • On Windows, recovered files are now saved here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles
  • On the Mac, recovered files are now saved here: ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/working/SKETCHUP/Recovered Files


I’ve found the new autosave to be worse than before. Often the recovered file is NOT newer than the original file, but the warning will occur when the file is brought up. That is why I put an alias of the Recovered files folder on the sideboard, so I can dump the files out often. I think the idea of the change, and the warning note is stupid. We use files over the internet. So the warning will appear to some users and not others.