Some of my walls are grouped with the floor suddenly and I can't detach them

Hi. I really hope someone can help. I was using the follow me tool to add skirting boards. When I zoomed back out I noticed that my herringbone floor pattern had gotten very big and that somehow the floor has become attached to some of the walls. Please see screenshot. When I tried to fix the floor, the walls got covered in herringbone pattern too. I can’t see up ‘ungroup’. Please advise. Thank you.

Can you share the model? Have you used groups?

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Hi rtches. Thanks for replying. I have used groups but the walls and floor are not in the same group (no ungroup option). I have even exploded the entire model, but they are still grouped together. I would love to share the model but I don’t know how to

Reply the message and upload it with this icon
Captura de pantalla 2023-12-12 a las 11.48.10
If you don’t have it, share a dropbox or cloud link pasting it in the message

I tried to upload it here but it says it is too big

Paste a dropbox, googledrive, etc link

This explains why the walls inherited the herringbone pattern from the floor. Try to avoid exploding. There isn’t an ‘Ungroup’ option in SketchUp. It’s called ‘Explode’.

Here you go. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help

change the protection, it asks for permision

You need to make your uploaded file public, not personal.

Hopefully this will work.

Thank you

you missed a line here…

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Thank you so much! Such a simple solution!

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Try to group walls, floors at the moment you draw them, it’s easy to apply textures and easy to move, etc.
When it happen again try to move and copy the wrong elements like this next to the model

Thank you very much! Yes, I must get into the habit of doing that. Have a lovely day!

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