Some help with Railing tool


I’m working on a railing tool based on a line tool made by TIG.

This tool makes it possible to draw a line with more then 2 points (Sketchup example)
From this point i add the things to the line that will make a railing.

The railing will be build up with posts (component), a kickplate(group) and 2 railings (group).
Placing the kickplate and first post is working and this is the result:

What i want is to copy the post along the path and one at every corner but i can’t find a way to do this right. (i have a code that works but posts don’t rotate with the angle)

Does anybody know how to do this? and second problem is that only one face created as group can follow the line (the kickplate) when i add the railing group i can’t follow the line again.? Vanlion-FollowMeBox3c.rb (9.3 KB)

The end result have to be something like this picture: