Rails with curves

Would you please assist me to recreate the rail in the bottom pic. It is has got round edges/corners and bends where it is all welded to the fence but so far I was not able to come up with a technique to recreate anything similar. I have designed the support structre , however I want to replicate the top that has got the design and tried with follow me but so far without any satisfying results.
Could you please assist me ?

I would use Follow Me to create the rail and then cut the end off with a intersection operation. Hang tight and I’ll draw an example.

Here’s an example of DaveR’s method. Use the Intersect command to cut the half circle on the bottom.


From left to right.
Draw the profile of the rail and a path for it to follow.
Select the path, get the Follow Me tool and click on the profile.
Draw a “cutter” and use it to intersect with the end.
Make the intersection and delete the waste.

And Gully is faster.

Usually not.


If you solved the problem with scripting in SketchUp, would that be Ruby on Rails?

Thanks so much. This has really been helpful.