Some buttons turns black

after in installed some application sketchup start showing these black colors in some bottons… hoping for someone encountered these problems to share solutions…

I think you need to backtrack on this one.

Whatever you installed is now causing issues with SketchUp… and the easy solution is to uninstall what you did… and see if the SketchUp problem goes away–as it should.

I’m going guess that maybe what you installed was a SketchUp Extension, and that maybe it might be out of date for the version of SketchUp you are using.

Alternative to that… are you really using a Windows 7 OS?.. and Is SketchUp 2020 fully supported on the Win 7 OS… or are you running it within some compatibility mode?

I don’t know exactly what is going on with your particular combination of Hardware and Software that you’ve installed. BUT, from what I can guess here I have to lean in the direction that somehow you are seeing the effects of a mismatched pairing.

Fully Supported is not the same as being Mostly Supported.

And on the mostly Supported side of things… the occasional oddity might just become the new standard so long as everything else is working well.

I have seen other software break because of a new feature added into Adobe’s Acrobat viewer. in that case the menu items looked strange but the rest of the main program still functioned normally… and some people learned to live with it—since they didn’t want to take on the trouble of updating their whole rig.

Anyhow, I think you need to roll back on this and uninstall whatever it is that you put onto you computer before SU broke.

If it was an extension then try a different version of it. OR if you are also looking at an incompatibility issues between Win 7 and SU 2020… then roll back to SU 2019… 2018 or whatever version is it that works well with Win 7. And I only say this because I’m assuming that you can’t update Win 7 for whatever reason.

If you are really still using Windows 7, I wonder if what you have installed has changed your Windows desktop to use some other colour option than Full Colour / True colour (or whatever that was called) or a theme that doesn’t have “Aero” enabled?

its a twinmotion app Sir and after i uninstall the app the problem still remain and unfortunately still remain when i change to lower versions of SU… and i guess that not only SU was affected by these…