Some arcs create lines when extruded, some don't

I am new to SketchUp Pro, but not new to CAD. I’m still making the connections from how I’ve done things in the past to the SketchUp ways.

I created a profile, and used the arc tool to create the fillets. Well, I created one and then mirrored it, and ultimately rotated/copied it around as needed.

When I extrude the profile, some of the fillets are nice, smooth looking while others show as segmented shapes. What’s going on? It’s not a big deal, but does kind of ruin the aesthetic.

Before extruding, select all edges, right click, weld.

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If you forget to weld them before extruding them you can select the lines go to the soften smooth edges tray and move the angle a bit or with the eraser tool tap Ctrl on windows, Alt/option on Mac, and pass the eraser will smooth the edges instead of deleting them. With shift you can hide lines instead of deleting them, it’s not the same as smooth them though.

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