(SOLVED) Viewport in SKP / middle point / cross head / rulers


I’m looking for a way to put a custom viewport in skp. If i’m using the plug animator for example, I would like to be able to display a big cross head centered in the middle of the screen, to be sure my model is aligned with the viewport. Like rulers in illustrators, that you can see or hide.

A thing that would also be useful would be to have a frame in the viewport, like if I want to do a post for instagram to see a square like on the picture below, I have no idea which option it is in skp? We can see these rectangles on both sides with opacity that are indicating the right ratio.

Thanks! Hope I’m clear enough

You probably want Advanced Camera Tools.

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along with Box’s recommendation, you can also use the Styles Watermark feature and place a graphic at the center of your modeling window. You can then turn the “Target Watermark” Style ON/OFF as needed using Scenes



AMAZING! Thank you both for your solutions. This was my first question here, so happy about how quick and efficient it went!

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