Solved, simple(ton) housekeeping error

This morning I had the file open and it looked great. I save it multiple times a day, every day. Now, after lunch, all I can find is a version of the file from April 18th, 3 weeks ago.

Where did this version even come from? I switch between files multiple times a day, and I always save when it asks, in addition to saving after a workflow session.

The only thing that I can recall is using Layout and inserting a reference to the file. Is there a known bug in Layout that would change the SU file like that?

Thanks for reading.

There is no known bug that reverts, moves, or erases files on your HD. It’s likely it’s a housekeeping error or an accidental save-as in a different location.

If you have the newer SU file referenced in a layout file then you have a compete copy imbedded there. Open the Layout file, find a viewport that shows the recent SU file, right click the viewport and choose open with SketchUp. Once it opens save as to a known location or just trace the file pathway to find it.

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It was a housekeeping error. Happy to delete the thread, or it can stay as an example of what not to do :slight_smile:

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Better to retitle the thread and reassign it to either the main SketchUp or LayOut categories.

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