New Validity Check Error

What does this mean? Not sure but earlier I found some odd new layer named “0” in my layers list. I couldn’t determine what was in the layer or how it got there so I deleted it.
First time I’ve ever seen one.

What is it and how do I fix it?

Never mind…fixed it myself.

That’s a confession that SketchUp committed a data error that shouldn’t have happened. There have been some reports that importing a 3D warehouse component that has the same file name as the component it contains will do this.

It had me worried. First SU wouldn’t let me save the file. Then it wouldn’t let me open the file but only as read only. I Thought I lost the days work. Previous to this happening I was doing a lot of clean up, changing component defs. I was surprised I was able to save the read only file by changing the file name via “save as”. Its all good now I think.

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