Getting an error code when trying to save

I’m getting an error when I try to Save my Layout Document
Error code 107

What is the save location?

Hi Joesketch-

That’s an internal error code that means there’s a LayOut entity that can’t find its file reference. For example, a sketchup model, an image, a spreadsheet, or a text file.

Unfortunately LayOut doesn’t have a “validity checker/fixer” like SketchUp does (yet), so you only have a few options when this happens:

  1. Use the “Revert to Saved” command to discard your changes and go back to the last saved version.
  2. Use the “undo” command to go back through your list of recent changes, hoping to undo the change that caused the issue.
  3. Look through your document for entities that don’t look right - perhaps an inserted image is missing, or a SketchUp model has failed to render.

Sorry you ran into this issue - if you have a clear memory of how it happened, please share it and we’ll investigate.


Ah Yes I moved all of my work to our server and i’m pretty sure the SU file got lost.
I’ll have to use a different saved file.

Thanks for the help Guys!

Having the same issue with Layout 2018, and when using raster images (such as photos) included on the drawing sheet.

Is there a way of graphically identifying locations/file paths of raster images within layout (ie: not using document setup)? This would make it easier to find the troublesome file. (Or alternatively a validity checker/fixer" tool).

@TimJ What do you mean by graphically identifying locations/file paths? What might that look like?

If you use your arrows in the References list to toggle through the files, it should highlight the item on the page with a blue outline as it’s selected in the Reference list. You can only see it for the page you’re looking at, though. Still, does that help you?

For a one or two sheet Layout document: no problem using the references list to toggle through files. When a layout file has 20 sheets and multiple reference images, this becomes an issue.

If Layout had the ability to show a reference path, and its validity, by hovering over the reference it would go some way to crating a work around.

It works in reverse too. Highlight the item on the page while document setup is open and layout will highlight the same item in the list.

I had the same problem! Here is a GIF of when the problem occurs and the LayOut file if you want to investigate.
Error 107.layout (684.0 KB)


Hi Eduardo-

Thanks for the gif and the example file, these are very helpful!

For reference, our internal tracking number for this issue is LO-12943.


I do not know if the information helps, but this table is an “imported” (or “inserted”, I do not know which is the most appropriate term) of one of the scrapbooks created by me. :beers:

Yes, that’s also great to know.


I’ve encountered the error code 102.
What’s the meaning of the error code 102?
Is there any error code list?

There’s no public list of error codes - the codes are only used for problems that are supposed to be rare.

102 means that there’s an object in your file that is trying to be in two places at the same time - it has two parents. I’ve never seen that error happen before, so if you find a way to reproduce it I will be very interested.


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I got this code after copying and pasting a bunch of stuff from an old document into a new one. I could not find anything in the reference files to fix. The error code went away after I started somewhat randomly deleting elements. I do not have any idea what the bad element was.

Hi Marc,
Last friday, I had the error 109 and today, it’s the error 102. I can sent you a copy of the file and the sketchup file if you still want to analyse it. Let me know.

Patrick S.

@K1R1T0 Hey Patrick, Marc doesn’t work at SketchUp anymore, this post is a few years old, but @trent does. Trent, do you know a good way to fix a 102 error?

Hi Patrick, we had released a fix for the original issue in our 2019 M0 release and this one may be related. What version are you running?


Hello Katya,

I finally find that it’s an object that is trying to be at two places at the same time, I don’t know how it’s possible, but I have deleted section of items one after the other, until I found the problem. So, I only had to delete that item and I could save the document after that.

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I just ran into this issue. We had an intern working on a project and now something is broken and we can’t figure out what to do next… I feel that I need to delete something, but if anyone can give my any tips, that would be appreciated. I fear that my only option is to go back make sure each scene is correctly linked.

I have already purged out a lot of things that were not the issue… not I need to remove things that were recently worked on (and are not part of the current save file)