Solution to make this task faster?

Hello everyone
I would like to know how it would be possible to achieve this task more quickly please?
Model link: Model.skp - Google Drive

thank you

I think different methodologies would make it much quicker…

  • One approach would be using solids…
  • the other would be using lines only to trim before converting to volumes…
  • Of course you could also halve the effort using symmetry
  • Profile builder has some capabilities that allow what you desire

I imagine for most people this would be a relatively rare process and not worth the specialised programming effort

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Since you appear to be using 2017 Make you don’t have solid tools, and with the cylinders all being raw geometry you can simply use a face to cut them.
Clean up the top or bottom face, depending on which you want to use, so that it is one clean surface, then copy and paste it into the other group so you can intersect it with the cylinders, then delete what you don’t want.


So clean thank you :ok_hand:

SU Make 2017 has solid tools.

Nope. It doesn’t. The Solid Tools have been a Pro-only feature since they were introduced in SketchUp 8. Reference. They are available during the 30-day trial period of SketchUp 2017 Pro but at the end of that period the Solid Tools become non-functional without the addition of the Pro license.

Another reference from 2017.

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I tink Outer Shell is there in the Make version.

Yes, Outer Shell is there as indicated in my post but that wouldn’t be useful to the OP for what they want to do in their model.

You can buy Bool tools which give similar performance in Make 2017 to the solid tools in the pro versions.

Yes, I bought a long time ago, installed it and … forgot about it. Hence my mistake :smiley:

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