Solid tools emulator extension/plug in for Make 2107

Is there a solid tools extension for Make 2107 at all? - I have a bunch of mortices in different locations on 8 legs for a set of bunk beds I’m making and so far I’ve managed to push pull into the various faces on component legs. However I had to make the component unique or turn it into a group to do so which is not the best workflow - I used the tenons on the stretchers in place and X-ray to get the mortice locations but I’d like to use the tenon as a trim function.

I looked in the extension warehouse and Sketchucation but couldn’t find any thing. Any pointers would be well received. Failing that I’ll try and modify my workflow to speed thing up!

BoolTools 2 - BoolTools 2 - mind.sight.studios - Better than SketchUp's Solid Tools


Many thanks.

You would have to do that with booltools also, or every instance of the component would get the mortise too…

That certainly isn’t a good workflow at all. No reason to do that just to cut mortises unless the mortises are different on the different parts. And then you only need Make Unique.

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Not with the native Solid Tools. Those tools convert the components into groups and only modify the one you touch.

With BoolTools2 you would need to make components unque if they are to get different mortises but you’d be doing that no matter what you do to the components if they are to be different.

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I stand corrected, will edit my post…

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Thanks for the pointers guys.