Copied Components no longer solid bodies or connected after trimming with solid tool

Hello. I’m designing a work bench. I sketched the first leg, push pulled it to desired height then made it a component and named it. made copies of it and moved them to desire position then flipped along the axis I moved them along so if I made any changes later to thickness or width they would all change in the direction I needed them to. Afterwards I made the apron with the same process, then made tenons on the apron and used the trim tool to cut the mortises on the legs. Now none of my legs are copies of each other any more and are named difference in the outliner instead of the component nam]e I gave them. I can no longer use the trim tool on them because it says they are not solids and if I make a change to one it is not reflected across the others. I have to manually change each one. If anyone can explain where I went wrong or why this is happening I would greatly appreciate it. If there is any further info need I will be glad to give it. Thank you for your time.

It’s a flaw in solid tools that we have been bugging them about for many many years. Solid tools doesn’t recognise the nature of components and makes them all ‘Unique’.
In the desktop version you can use better ‘solid tool extensions’ but with Ipad I’m afraid the best option is to either do the solid subtract/trim etc before making your copies. Or simply delete three and recopy the one correct one.
As for not being a solid, that is a different issue and we would need to see the object to say why.

Thank you for your feed back. I had to make each leg a component again to turn it back into a solid.
Hopefully one day solid tools will be able to recognize components and not make them unique. It would have saved a ton of time.


We’ve been waiting for that for more than a decade now. It hasn’t happened and I don’t think it ever will. There are a couple of extensions for the desktop version that do respect components although of course that doesn’t help for web and iPad.

If you exploded the difference group after the Trim, Make Component the still selected geometry and name it the same as before, you get the option to replace other instances and be done.

This workflow is slightly different on the desktop and in the web version, where it remebers the name of the component before the boolean operation.

That is awesome! Worked beautifully. Thank you for the link and video. It really helped a lot.

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