Solid models for printing

Trying to put a name 3-d text into the floor of a model so it prints in a second color. .050 thickness of text .050 floor of a model the idea is to customize the part with a name so print the name on the same layer with my 2nd extruder in a other color just Part of the model floor. What’s the best way to achieve this and be able to go back and change the name easily? Any help would be appreciated Thank you in advance

Share your .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile is confusing.

This part may be tricky to realize. Post your model and confirm what version of SU you are using.

No experience with double extruder printers, but I believe you need a separate solid for every color.
You could make the name as a separate group, the “floor” as another group but with the name cut out. Then move the name into the cutout…

I will share file when I get back home sketchup version is 2016

Ok. Please also fix up your forum profile. There is no SketchUp Free (web) 2016.

Please also add the graphics card. What you have doesn’t identify it.

case model.skp (1.3 MB)
I made the floor seperate because I was easily able to make 2 colored part with my name the way i want when it was a simple box just create the shape with text in the middle push pull the floor to the height of the text select all explode then save as two seperate stl files open them in cura choose each extruder and merge the part back together, it didnt work the same with more complex geometry not that this is super complex but more so then a simple square platform

I think I fixed it. Not sure on graphics card if that is not correct i am not exactly sure how to find that info

It seems you allready know how to do it…
what is your question then?

I think the main problem was to make the text editable. There is an “editable 3D text” plugin, but the Boolean operations you need to complete a model like this are not “live” in SketchUp.

Good one, missed that.
Only the topic starter states that it is easy to make. So I guess if you save the box without the name you can easily make another one with another name…

Topic starter is using Make 2016. No solid tools if that’s what you mean by Boolean operations.

It worked in this small box that I printed yesterday but when I tried to use the same process in the file I shared it will not print

The file you sent is all loose geometry. Therefore not solid an thus not printable…

Would this be an easy thing to do in a later version of sketchup? If it’s easier in another version I could use that. I used to design a little bit and got out of it for a while just was using the version on my pc

You can only upgrade to Make 2017 for free. All versions after that are commercial use paid versions.
I don’t think you will gain much by upgrading to Make 2017. What you are modelling is just basic stuff, it wouldn’t be easyer in the 2017 version…

The bottom of the box in the .skp file can’t be a solid because you left internal faces.

The long oval boxes won’t be solids because their bottoms have no thickness.

You shouldn’t actually need to explode the text. Leave it as a solid component and leave the box as a solid component. Use Editable 3D Text and all should be fine.

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Thank you problem solved :relaxed:

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