Solid inspector want something called IE9

I’m trying to get solid inspector 2 to work, but it wants something called IE9. Is this some type of support plugin that it needs to run? I’m running sketchup on ubuntu 16.04 through wine. It works fine normally. This is the first time I’ve had trouble with a plugin.

IE is Internet Explorer. In your case it’s looking for IE to be able to display the web dialog for the extensions user interface.

That makes sense. I will try installing internet explorer and see how it goes.

“IE9” is an (old) version of Internet Explorer. It is a deeply integrated system component, not a separate application.

When you use Wine, it comes already with all operating system components including a browser engine (iexplore.exe, compatible with Internet Explorer, based on Firefox). So you usually don’t need to install original Internet Explorer directly from Microsoft.

However if you do want to, use winetricks which ensures it installs properly with all work-arounds. An issue is that due to Internet Explorer’s “design” and deep system integration, only Microsoft IE8 but no later version can be installed “as of yet”. That means you cannot fulfill the requirement of Solid Inspector to have IE9.

But this is not a problem. I have had Solid Inspector run fine despite of the warning. Just wait until Solid Inspector has analyzed all geometry, then the dialog displays the results. In fact, Wine’s iexplore.exe is a modern, state-of the art browser (html5, canvas, WebGL) that just lies to Windows programs that it was a version of Internet Explorer.

So you do not really need to install Internet Explorer.

Possibly Thomthom will update Solid Inspector to use SketchUp’s included Chromium browser engine, which runs also fine.

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