Solid Inspector says ok but Solid tools doesn't

Hi All, I know this keeps coming up but I’ve read a few answers and still can’t see how to resolve my issue. Some time ago I posted a question about creating curved ridge tiles on a pitched roof. I got some great help and developed a technique that worked. Since using Pro 2023 it doesn’t seem so reliable giving me lots of faces that SI2 says need reversing. When I do they disappear. However, I have got it to produce what I need and when SI2 is asked it says “all shiny” However, when I try to use solid tolls it says it isn’t a solid. Can’t see how to resolve it. Hopefully model attached. Cheers
Unit 5 Model.skp (660.3 KB)

What object are you referring to?

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If it’s those ridges on the dormers, they do need some help where they meet. Solid Inspector 2 is not infallible and sometimes if has a difficult time indentifying issues.

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. Sorry I’ve only recently upgraded to Pro 2023. I’ll update ASAP.

It is the ridges you refer to. It all worked fine in 2018?

I don’t think that would work any differently in 2018. You need to clean up where those cylinders meet to get rid of the excess geometry.

Sorry I wasn’t suggesting it’s a version issue. Just that it worked fine before and there was no need to tidy it up.
The technique is basically using follow me along the top and down 1 hip. Then rotate/duplicate down the other hip.

Also confused why SI2 says it’s ok

There are some cases where solid inspector says it is a solid but it isn’t.

Use solid inspector and solid inspector2 together. Sometimes solid inspector can find what solid inspector2 cannot. It seems that there are some issues with your model.

In your model, there are unnecessary face beneath the ceiling, and there are also several other issues

Solid tools, inspector etc can often struggle with certain overlapping shapes. In your case it is the joint of the 3 cylinders coming together, even manually that can be problematic.
So it can help to sometimes think of your shapes a different way, think outside the box so to speak.
Solid tools in general can be somewhat slow and often rips holes in things.
Anyway, this is one other way of looking at constructing your shape. I have used Zorro 2, which adds the Slice Model at Section option. I also added the little drops at the end, but that isn’t necessary, you could cut them flush or leave the ends extended, totally up to you as it doesn’t affect the method.

Edit: Interestingly I just looked at a previous post of yours where you actually demonstrate using a very similar method to this as a way to avoid the issue you are now facing.

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Hi again Dave, you were right it is those ridges that were causing the problem. I realised I was doing my technique slightly wrong. When amended the geometry was better and both SI2 and Solid tools are ok with it now. Lesson learnt though is that SI2 is not 100%

On another matter, has “Flip Along” been removed?

Exchanged, see e.g.::

Doh!!! Didn’t spot that. Many thanks :wink:

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I’d say upgraded, it’s one of my favorite tools, I didn’t know I needed it so much until the release of SU 2023.