Solid Inspector Reverse Faces Weirdness

Dear All,

I have run into odd thing. I have this rail panel for my Library model:

I would like to use solid tools to alter its length. It seems like it would be simpler than intersect faces. However, when I use Solid Inspector^3 on the panel, I get this:

And after hitting “Fix All” I am told all is ‘shiny’ but the spiral is now inside-out.

Any ideas? Is there some small gremlin in the works that I am missing?

The panel model is attached.
Rail Panel.skp (545.3 KB)

Thank you all for your continued help.


Tom (Chippy) Cookie

The problem is that you have overlapping goemetry that is not connected and has faces running through faces. I woudl suggest making a copy of this geometry, selecting it all and running Intersect with Selection, then erase any extra lines and try Solid Inspector again.

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Thanks Aaron!