Cannot get rid of internal faces edges after using solid inspector

Im still learning how to do all this but I dont understand what is wrong here because everything seems sealed up. I have everything in groups and I check solid inspector along the way but I cant seem to get a handle on internal face edges. any help is appreciated.
Akirafullscale5.0.skp (532.2 KB)

You must get inside the group by double clicking on it, then delete the lines and faces, you can also use a plugin called fix it 101 and it will fix automatically the non solid groups.

A 5.0.skp (601.3 KB)
When I looked at in with the Inspector that comes with “Go,” there were two nested groups and three border holes. I opened it for editing, deleted one nested group, reversed some faces, and traced back where it had been to close the holes. I exploded the other nested group, making it part of the group, because I was still in the context of edit. I then found the border hole at the bottom and traced around. The border hole went away, but there were some internal and reversed faces. I let inspector fix those and it became a solid group. I also erased a face that was just loose geometry.


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