Solid colour, no shade?

Is there a way to achieve the effect by which there is NO shading at all ie all the faces are filled with the same uniform colour?

Like this:

Yes. Use the Shadow settings dialog. Turn Shadows off. Check the “Use sun for shading” box. Set the Light slider to 0 and Dark to 80


I’m sorry… Can’t see a ‘use sun for shading’ box. Where’s that? I can only see ‘Shadows On/Off’ and then a time/date slider…

You’ll need to be using a desktop version of SketchUp to get the Light and Dark sliders.

I thought ‘Shop’ would be man-enough!

I attach a small model that has a scene set up with the 0%-80% shadow settings. Hope it helps
Untitled.skp (75.6 KB)


Thank you, Anssi :slight_smile: