Solid and trim

I want to make a sleeve in the figure, but when i use trim sketchup tell that the figures not a solid.
When i use solid inspector at the separates figures
it tells there are no problems they are solids.
Whats going wrong ?

Attach the model so we can check.

I don’t understand! The photo is already attached

It’s impossible to tell you why SketchUp identifies your objects as not solid from a photo of your computer screen. Upload the .skp file so we can see what’s going on and help you.

raamslot.skp (227.4 KB)

this is the one.

Your groups are nested, too many wrappings.
Explode down to single groups then use solid tools.Nesting

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Excessive nesting. Get rid of it so you are down to just the two groups and it’ll work fine.

Thanks, i m gonna try it !

It works ! thanks a lot.