Solar North

Is there a compatible solar north extension for Pro 2021?

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I guess I’d use Solar North from the Extension Warehouse. It works fine in 2021.

Hi Dave R,

Will do.

Was put off by the incompatibility alert.

It seems that compatibility thing doesn’t get updated when it ought to. I think extension authors are busy doing other things.

I’ve just noticed that solar north is scene specific (tied to the scene shadow settings), rather than global.
Has this always been the case?
I don’t remember having to save the north information for different scenes before, but I might have just encountered this particular scenario today.

Yes, it had been that way in previous versions too.

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If you set solar north before you start creating scenes, you only need to set it once and not before creating every scene. Like most other scene properties, if you change it for one scene, it only affects that scene.

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Yeah this is what I must have done before.
I’ve been updating templates with the new tag folders so I have just noticed the north point behavior.

Thanks. I never noticed that myself.

I haven’t noticed that either. Would be handy for creating those 45 degree shadows to all elevations.

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I was thinking that too. I’ve been spinning the model as a component relative to north. I didn’t know you could set north for each scene.

And I just tested. The north direction setting is global and affects all scenes (The “Properties to save” list doesn’t have an item for north direction). It used to be different before, if I remember right, version 5 or so.

for this model, it works, the shadows get’s remembered

That’s Polar North not Solar North.

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must have hit ‘fog’ instead of ‘log’

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I never seem to get the 3d warehouse pasted in correctly…

preview shows correct though…

trying to get out of a loop here…

That’s what you get for driving into the middle of a busy round about. :smiley: