Snapping over rides

e 2016 are the snapping overrides? And what folder gets the ruby plugin?

Maybe: no.

You should install plugins from the Extension Warehouse and/or the SketchUcation PluginStore or in the preferences tab “Extensions” instead of the manual and error-prone search for the right folder.

If by “snapping overrides” you mean can you turn off the inference engine, the answer is no.

Your profile says Mac, so the plugins go in

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Plugins

Note, however, that as @Cotty already pointed out, explicitly copying plugins into that folder should be only a last resort for ones that are not distributed as rbz files. Using the built-in extension/plugin installer, the EW, or sketchUcation store you don’t have to worry about the destination folder.

The tool has an rb extension and when i tried to being it in via the extensions tab it was greyed out.


One way to be able to use the extensions tab would be:

  • zip the rb-file
  • rename from .zip to .rbz
  • use extension install button in preferences with that rzb-file

I got the term snapping over rides from a post on another forum.

I’m trying to move the end of a line to a precise spot on a survey pdf and it snaps to a place off the end.

Make sure there’s no length snapping active in the preferences and zoom in to prevent the unwanted snapping.

I’m on a mac. I compressed it, an renamed it rbi.
Extensions recognized it, but then the installation would not install.


probably because it was not a ms zip?

not likey the issue…

what’s the plugin? is it updated for Ruby_2?


The extension need to be .RBZ, not .RBI

If you let us know what the extension that you are trying to install is, we may be able to point you to a complete installer!