Snapping on/off

Please? It’s required to make sketchup a useable tool on Mac OS​ rather than a stepping stone to others. This is 90% of what I’d like, and seems quite easy for a good programming team.

Other than that, just a complete overhaul of the snapping engine would be great - it makes the pace of work quite slow with complex overlapping shapes.


Without inferencing, you start an edge and click on the screen. Where do you expect the point to go? On the tip of your nose or the other side of the universe? A point on screen corresponds to an infinity of locations. SketchUp is a 3D application. Go to and take the free courses to get a grip on the software.


Could you describe more what you find difficult about working with the inference engine? It’s actually pretty sophisticated and very useful once it is understood, so perhaps we could help to clear up some difficulty you are having. I find it essential for working with complex models.