Smoothing hidden geometry so it prints faster

I was wondering if it is at all possible to smooth hidden geometry so that the slicer can slice better and thus print faster?


You can use Soften/Smooth to soften the geometry but I don’t think it’ll make the slicer slice better or print faster. The geometry is still there because it has to support the faces in the model.


Not softened:

dang. thats what i thought, i need to get rid of extra material or thin it out. but its something i am completely unfamiliar with in SU pro

Show us an example or the model.

ill upload the stl filepainters mask.stl (740.4 KB)

im using this for a project at home and i need to make the wall of it thinner. its 2.75mm thick and im wanting 2 or 1.75 mm thick


The stl is a real mess, do you have the skp?

nope. this is all that was provided. I wish i had a skp file for it.

You could try running CleanUp3 on it. That’s reduce the edge count by a little bit. Softening the edges will make it look nicer in SketchUp but it’s not going to affect how quickly it prints.
Screenshot - 4_7_2020 , 9_53_21 PM

Dang. ok, thanks for helping me out. i wish i knew more about SU pro. i just want to thin the main wall down a bit but dont know how at the moment.

is there a way to reduce face count?

Reducing the faces won’t make it print faster, there is a certain amount of volume that it needs to print.
The model is a mess, probably because someone decimated or poly reduced it already which makes it very hard to modify.

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well, i guess 3 hours aint bad for a single project mask. i appreciate yours and daves help:)

Well I just spent the best part of an hour trying to fix it. 3 hours to print is nothing. I have prints that run 40+ hours.

Lol, same. Right now im trimming some fat off it, but to save 30 minutes…