Smallish medium town

just a town with houses, cars, trucks, and restaurants or stores. trying to create a town s share but i can’t figure it out

If you want to show a model, you have to share it!
The gallery section is the right place to show your work…

i am trying to create one to share it bi i can’t figure it out.

Can’t figure out how to create the model of the town, or can’t figure out how to share the model? Sharing a .SKP model file or an image file is easy - just drag the file into the forum editor area when composing a new reply. To create a model, you will need to learn how to use SketchUp. For that, you might begin with this web page:

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Not sure how long the OP has been using SU, but he only joined the forum an hour ago. If this is a newbie, I can’t help wondering if trying to model an entire town with “just” cars, trucks and restaurants, might be a little…over-ambitious?

This sums it up:

That’s the understatement of the week.

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If that means throwing a lot of 3d warehouse stuff together on a giant rectangle, maybe it isn’t…

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