Assistance required

Hi, I’m an amateur film maker in the process of making a documentary about the restoration of an historic building. One of the restoration team started a SketchUp model to illustrate what it looked like but they are no longer able to contribute to the project. I have taken over the model as I want to include it in my film and although I have been able to add to it, I am woefully out of my depth and I’ve now have encountered numerous problems that I’ve been unable to solve. The more I try - the more problems I seem to create!

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in helping me with this by looking at the model to solve some the issues and to add the last remaining features? The film is being made entirely for the ‘love’ of it so any contribution, whilst gratefully accepted, would have to be voluntary and aside from a mention on the credits, without any other reward.

I’m not sure if this is the right platform to seek request but didn’t know how else to tackle the issue.

Thank you for your time.


I am sure there are number who will help but, you need to make model available if that is possible. If it is there are two approaches; 1) Make it available here in the forum but, it does have a 3MB limit. The abov some up point up arrow above can be used to upload model. Select arrow and then you will have to find where the model is stored and select it so it gets attached to your post; 2) There are some file sharing links , drop box for one, they give you some free storage. Uplink your model to them and then you will have to share it which makes a url you can copy and attach to a post here which in turn gives us access to you model.
Good Luck

Try to get into touch with Csaba Pozsárkó, archaeologist, Sketchup guru, general nice guy (and attorney). If he can’t help maybe he can point you in the right direction.

I could take a look for a few minutes this week. Send me a private message.

Thank you for your reply. I’m new to the forum and cannot find an icon or link which suggests it generates a private message?

I sent you a message. But in general, click on the icon by someone’s name to open up the option to message them.

Hi Katya

Thanks for responding to my request. How would you like to proceed? Shall I send to the model?



I received some superb assistance and guidance from Katya Kean which will help resolve the issues I created through lack of experience and training. It’s good to know that there are members willing to help. Clearly, some fundamental tuition would have saved some time and effort but we all learn the hard way. There is still quite a bit to do before I can use it in my documentary so I’d still be interested in hearing from anyone else who would be interested in helping but the model is now in a much better state than it was. Thanks again Katya